Telstra issues refund for poor phone call quality

Emily had been struggling to use her landline phone for a few months. She tried to tell Telstra about it but was having trouble getting in touch with them through her online Telstra account. By using the Ajust platform, Emily was able to resolve her complaint in under 2 weeks. Emily now uses her landline phone without any trouble.

The Experience

What was that? I can’t hear you! 

Ever thought about who still uses a landline at home? While most of us expect great quality from our mobile phones, a lot of people probably haven't thought about landline quality in a while. It might surprise some to know, there are still people who use landline phones. Landlines are common in rural areas with no mobile service. For some it could be a barrier to using smartphones, and for others, an appreciation for its retro charm. 

Whichever the reason may be, Emily still had a landline phone in her home. She’d been using it for years, but recently it started having some problems. Everytime Emily picked up her landline phone and dialled a number, she was met with a loud crackling noise. 

This really affected the quality of Emily’s phone calls, and understandably it was a very frustrating experience for her. It meant she was unable to speak with or hear the person on the other end of the phone call. 

Emily had been a customer with Telstra for over 5 years and it’s likely that she had never experienced anything of this nature before. Just like anyone having issues with their phone, Emily wanted it fixed as soon as possible.

The Complaint

Trying to tell Telstra 

When Emily tried to get in contact with Telstra, she ran into some challenges. She couldn’t use her phone, so she tried getting in touch online through her Telstra account. Most service providers require some sort of authentication process to be completed, so they can confirm the identity of the individual. 

Telstra’s authentication process involved a 4 digit code, sent to Emily’s email account. Unfortunately, the code was being sent to an unknown Gmail account. We can imagine how frustrating this must have been as without the code, Emily could not log into her Telstra account and notify Telstra of the issue. 

This went on for 2 months. Now at Ajust, we don’t like to pry for details, so we didn’t ask Emily exactly how she dealt with her phone issue during this period. But we’d be pretty stressed in her position. Not being able to use a service that you are paying for would drive anyone up the wall!

As the issue stretched out and Emily continued to face trouble with her phone, she was seriously considering switching from Telstra to a different service provider for her landline. 

Just a bit more

Telco complaints like Emily's unfortunately do happen. With millions of telco consumers all across Australia, things can go wrong! At some point, a number of consumers will find themselves in a position where they need to contact their telco provider to resolve an issue. It works best for both parties if you go into this conversation prepared.

Read our easy guide on dealing with telco complaints, so you know what to do next time you find yourself facing telco troubles.  

The Resolution

Telstra ensures Emily can use her phone again 

Emily still wanted to have her issue solved if possible and decided to get Ajust’s help.

Emily came to Ajust with her complaint. The Ajust platform prompted Emily for the important details to get her complaint lodged. 

The resolution required a couple of visits from technicians. The first was from a Telstra technician who upon hearing the issue, mentioned that an NBN technician would need to take a look at it. 

Once an NBN technician came and worked on Emily’s problem, things seemed to get better from there. As the phone was still crackling, Telstra instructed Emily to purchase a new phone and said they would reimburse her for it. 

An issue that had been plaguing Emily’s life for 2 months was resolved in under 2 weeks!

Telstra not only fixed the issue, they also paid Emily $113 to compensate for the months she could not properly use her landline. 

When talking about her experience with Ajust, we asked Emily if she was satisfied with the way things turned out: 

“Very happy with the result. After trying for about 2 months to get the problems fixed it was then done in a few weeks.”

At Ajust, we are always thrilled to hear from consumers who have had their complaints resolved. When Emily was asked about whether she would use Ajust again for any future complaints she might have with her providers, she answered: 

“Yes I really appreciated the way Ajust attended to the problem in an efficient manner and would most certainly use it again if needed.”

Emily can now use her landline phone in peace and continues to be a loyal (and satisfied) customer of Telstra. 

Editor’s note: We’re always excited to share the experiences of consumers that have used Ajust. This Consumer Story is based on a real complaint made through our platform. But we’ve changed some details to protect the consumer's personal information and make the story more enjoyable for our readers.


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