OVO Energy credits $185 to Sue’s account following billing issue

Bill Hero customer Sue had signed up for a special offer with OVO Energy. When she received her first bill, she knew something went wrong as it was unexpectedly high. After she struggled to get in contact with OVO Energy, Sue asked the team at Bill Hero for guidance on how she could resolve the issue. The team told Sue about Ajust - a technology platform that helped consumers resolve issues with businesses. Sue found Ajust easy to use and within just a few minutes, her complaint had been sent to OVO Energy. Just 24 hours later, Sue received a call from OVO Energy to say that had resolved the issue and credited $185 to her account.

The Experience

New green energy plan

Sue had known about OVO Energy for a while. She was fond of their energy plans because of the focus on making green energy more accessible. Given that she rents her property, Sue is unable to make any significant changes, such as installing solar panels. What she can do is choose an energy provider that meets her needs and aligns with her values.

Speaking of needs, Sue is a ceramic artist. In case you don’t know much about ceramics, there is a key piece of equipment that uses a lot of electricity to run. Once the clay has been shaped, it goes into a kiln which is essentially an extremely hot oven. The heat of the kiln cures the ceramic and gives it strength.

The problem with kilns is they use a significant amount of electricity. Luckily, OVO Energy had a special offer available that suited Sue’s needs and values. The offer gave Sue access to low-cost green energy and also included bill smoothing to ensure she could effectively budget and manage her finances.

The Complaint

Billing issues and budget woes

Sue was thrilled that she’d found an energy plan that suited her needs and aligned with her values. It was important that Sue found an environmentally conscious plan with low rates and handy billing features.

The signup process was relatively straightforward and required little fuss. Thanks to the smart meter which had already been installed at the property, Sue could switch across to OVO Energy without a technician having to attend the property. She was very pleased by how painless the experience had been.

About a month had passed and Sue knew to expect her first bill any time now. She expected the bill to be approximately $150 for the month but was hoping that it’d be even lower because of her new rates.

That afternoon, Sue was mid-way through crafting a vase when she saw a notification pop up on her phone. At a quick glance, she noticed that the bill amounted to $323. She fell off her chair and the vase went with her - Sue bounced to her feet but unfortunately the vase was beyond saving.

Sue said “$323 is more than double my normal monthly amount”. She knew something was wrong and immediately set about contacting OVO Energy to fix the issue.

Unfortunately, Sue was unable to reach the team at OVO Energy. They attempted to debit the funds a few days later despite her warnings that the direct debit was going to fail due to insufficient funds. OVO Energy charged Sue a $15 dishonour fee for the missed payment.

Frustrated by the lack of progress towards a solution, Sue sought to find a better way to make a complaint to OVO Energy. When Sue asked the team at Bill Hero if they had any tips about resolving issues with energy providers, they told her about Ajust.

Just a bit more

Bill Hero is a 'savings as a service' platform that automatically monitors and compares every energy bill to make sure you're always on the plan that best suits your needs.

All you need to do is upload your bill to see personalised results that show how your current plan compares to other offers available in the market.

Bill Hero guarantees that they will find more savings on your very first bill than the price of your entire annual subscription - in fact, Bill Hero saves their subscribers an average of over $350 per year on the first switch.

If you're interested in learning more, you can visit Bill Hero's website.

The Resolution

Issue resolved after 24 hours

Having been told about Ajust’s resolution platform, Sue went to Ajust’s website and followed the easy steps to create a complaint. The process only took Sue a couple of minutes and then Ajust did the rest, including making sure the complaint was sent to the right place.

After just 24 hours, Sue received a call from OVO Energy with a solution that she was very happy with - they resolved the issue and credited $185 to her account.

In Sue's words, "Ajust was able to get the provider to communicate with me and achieve a favourable resolution in 24 hours that I was seeking for over a week. Fantastic and highly recommend them."

The team at Ajust always love hearing that we’ve helped people like Sue and businesses like OVO Energy - after all, our mission is to build the best relationships between consumers and businesses.

Editor’s note: We’re always excited to share the experiences of consumers that have used Ajust. This Consumer Story is based on a real complaint made through our platform. But we’ve changed some details to protect the consumer's personal information and make the story more enjoyable for our readers.


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