Ensuring trust between consumers and businesses

Our mission is for every consumer to have strong, stable and sustainable relationships with the businesses they choose. We're achieving that mission by making it easier for consumers to communicate with businesses to resolve complaints and other issues.

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what we believe

CONSUMER <> BUSINESS is one of the most important relationships.

A complaint is test of a customer relationship. How the complaint is resolved shows the strength of the relationship.

The consumer always comes first, but they are not always right. What matters is that they're heard.

Most of the time, the interests of the consumer and the business are aligned: resolving a complaint is good for the consumer and good for the business.

We believe the best way to resolve complaints is through positivity and pragmatism. And through our platform.


No complaints

In an Ajust future, consumers won't need to be demanding to get what they deserve.

End the sludge

Being a consumer shouldn't mean having endless life admin.

Extinct waiting on hold

Say no more.

Grow consumer trust in businesses

The best businesses will be businesses that listen to their customers.


Do lots of good things

We put things in the world and put one foot in front of the other, always looking for the biggest impact and the highest return on energy.

Learn and act  (and on it goes)

We constantly ask ourselves what we know and what we’re going to do next. Then we do that thing. And then ask ourselves what we now know and what we’re going to do next…

Communicate to cast light

We believe in the power of communication to reveal where everything stands. We also know the limits of communication: once we can see the position of things, we move on to learn and act.

Execute successfully

We know the elements for doing something right. If we stick to those elements, we’ve done our job – even if someone else would have done it a bit differently.


Meet the team

Tom Kaldor
Tom Kaldor

Johan Marais-Piper
Johan Marais-Piper
Lead Designer

Rui Duan
Rui Duan
Founding Engineer

Alex Swan
Alex Swan
Engineer & Product Manager

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