Privacy Policy

Last Update: October 2022

Who is Ajust and what is a Privacy Policy?

Ajust is a platform that helps consumers and businesses resolve complaints fast and fair. This page contains our Privacy Policy, which explains in simple language how we handle your personal information.

Personal information is information that could identify an individual (for example, the full name or address of a consumer who makes a complaint). Personal information is different from other forms of information that can’t be used to identify an individual (for example, data about the total number of consumers making complaints).

By providing personal information to us, you agree that we will manage your personal information in line with this Privacy Policy.

We do our best to protect the security of your personal information (for example, through access controls). But everyone knows that sharing data over the internet is inherently risky, so we cannot guarantee data security. Any personal information you share with us is at your own risk.

We might need to change our Privacy Policy. We can do that at any time. If we make changes, we’ll update the content on this page. You should check this page regularly, particularly before sharing personal information with us.

What personal information do we collect?

We may collect the following types of personal information:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your email
  • your telephone number and other contact details
  • your age or date of birth
  • details about your customer accounts with service providers and other businesses
  • details about how you access and interact with our website
  • details of the products and services we have discussed with or provided to you
  • other information you provide to us while using our services

How do we collect personal information?

We collect personal information directly from you in the following ways:

  • when you use the “chat” tools on our website
  • when you fill out forms on our website
  • any other times you communicate with us (including through our website, by email and over the phone)

Why do we collect personal information?

The main reason we collect personal information is to help run our business, in particular:

  • to help resolve complaints between consumers and businesses
  • to generate articles, reports and other information (not personal information) about customer complaints

Who do we disclose personal information to?

When you use Ajust to make a complaint about a business, we generally need to disclose personal information to that business (for example, so that the business can identify you and contact you to resolve the complaint).

We may display some of the information you provide to us on our website, which is available to the general public (for example, as a feed of complaints made through Ajust). We’ll try to make sure you cannot be identified from this information (for example, by only displaying your first name in the feed, not your full name). But it may sometimes be possible to identify you from the information we display (for example, if you have an extremely unique first name). If you don’t want us to display your information in this way, you can contact us to let us know.

Sometimes we might offer to connect you with partners or providers who might be able to help you, based on the details of your complaint. We’ll check if you’re interested first and only share your personal information if you give us your permission.

Apart from that, we may disclose personal information to others in the normal operations of our business, including:

  • our employees and related bodies corporate
  • third party suppliers and service providers
  • professional advisers, dealers and agents
  • payment systems operators
  • anyone else we’re legally required to disclose to

We never sell your personal information to another organisation.

Do we send personal information outside of Australia?

We may disclose personal information to service providers outside of Australia. The table below sets out our overseas services providers, where we understand their data is held and a link to their privacy policies.

Provider Service Location Policy
Airtable Database management US
Google Cloud, Digital Office, Analytics Various
Landbot Chat automation Belgium (Google Cloud Engine, west-1)
Softr App builder Germany

We do our best to make sure that our overseas service providers deal with personal information in a way that is consistent with our Privacy Policy. But you acknowledge that we can’t guarantee the compliance of these service providers.

What else should you know?

We may use cookies on our website. This Google article provides useful information about what cookies are and how to manage them if you’re using Chrome. Also, our website may have links to external websites. We take no responsibility for the privacy practices or the content of those other sites.

What if you have more questions or need help?

If you want to know more or make a complaint about how we manage your personal information, you can contact us at